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Mtg with Del Valley Regional Planning -Wissahickon Gateway Project

A mtg was held with DVRP, Matt Wysong & staff on June 29, 2017. Present were: Jeannette Brugger-Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator, OTIS, Amy Miller-City Planner, Sue Dannenberg-Bike Coaliton, Tim Carey-Philly Bike Club, Geoff Brock & Suzanne Hagner, WICA.

Ridge Ave from Kelly Drive to Righter St/Hermit St poses safety issues for pedestrians and bicyclists due to its steep incline/decline and blind turns. Pedestrian & bicycle traffic has increased & is expected to continue as more people use public transportation and commute by bike. Development and businesses are increasing along this corridor.

4 intersections were centered on for pedestrian safety:

Ridge & Osborn–cars generally do not yield to pedestrians/bicyclists who are in
crosswalk. Streets Dept is exploring installation of a RVBL (rapid blinking light) with push button for user to start light.

Ridge & Manayunk–5-point intersection, complicated with blind turns, downhill grades creating safety issues. Streets Dept did expand the “no parking at any time” space on north side of Manayunk Ave to allow easier access in/out of neighborhood. It is helpful but more enforcement is needed for those who violate the no parking area.

Ridge & Lauriston–cars generally do not stop for pedestrians in crosswalk.

Ridge & Hermit?Righter–another complicated intersection with high traffic volume and multiple curb cuts for businesses…

The following improvements were proposed;
Rumble strips prior to crosswalks
Soft speed cushions
Police enforcement

Additional improvements proposed by City staff include:
“Slow zone” program improvements
Blinking lights
Thermopaint raised rumble strips.

Safety improvements on Ridge are esp difficult as it is a State route. City Streets are more feasible for improvements and WICA will continue to work with Councilman Jones and Streets Dept.

Right of Way improvements will be addressed by the Wissahickon Gateway Study..and are generally higher cost and longer term in nature. Preliminary thoughts include:
A protected bike lane on Ridge Ave.
Widening the sidewalk on Ridge Ave near Deke’s BBQ.
Short term path improvement on Ridge/Main
Long term multi use trail along the River
Ped/bike friendly crossing of Ridge Ave at Wissahickon Creek
Study will produce preliminary engineering drawings for ROW improve-
ments. Additional funding must be secured to complete construction
documents & pay for construction.

Suzanne Hagner
WICA, traffic

Update on Hermit Lane

The committee has pursued trying to identify who is responsible for upgades to Hermit Lane..Streets Dept or Parks Dept?….and it is the Parks Dept.   Speed and drivers cutting through from Henry Ave are a  major safety problem for walkers, cyclists, & families going to Daisy Park.   A request has been made for temporary speed cushions to be installed.  There is also a problem with the lane being a single lane near Barnes St…and cars entering from Barnes resulting in stand offs with cars coming towards Barnes. Josh Cohen in Councilman Jones’s office is aware of this and has been asked to give support for both the speed cushions and new speed signage.  The 5th district has been asked to increase their visibility esp at commuting hours.

Traffic Report…Henry Ave project

New surfacing and new striping is part of City’s Maintenance Unit Project.  This is separate from PennDOT’s Design Unit’s Project…SR4001, the section of Henry Ave from Wissahickon Bridge west to Hermit St borders our neighborhood.   We are now moved to Section SIP of this project which means we will be at the front in installing new safety measures on this section.   This will include curb bump outs, median deflections…plantings in medium, new sidewalks.  The design MAY also include reconfiguration of current striping.

Funding for a  synchronized traffic light at Henry Ave and Barnes is being pursued by PennDOT.

WICA General Mtg with Councilman Curtis Jones present

Introduction and acknowledgements were given to Phila Streets Michael Carroll,Deputy Managing Director for Transportation, Richard Montanez, Chief Traffic Engineer, Bruce Masi and Elwood Kimmel, engineers for the PennDOT Henry Ave study who came out quickly at the committee’s request, “boots on the ground” to see our most dangerous intersections and streets. Also Josh Cohen has been supportive and very available. Councilman Jones is well represented by Josh.  (more…)

2017 WICA Membership Drive

Why Join?

WICA is the official Registered Community Organization (RCO) representing all activities involving development, zoning and special projects in our neighborhood. It is a volunteer organization working with our city representatives and local community groups to improve quality of life and manage development and zoning changes that effect all of us.

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August Traffic Committee Update

A small group met with Chief Engineer of Streets, Richard Montanez, to continue addressing list of concerns.

Rich Montanez agreed to follow up on the following:

He will contact Bruce Masi, PennDot, engineer and recommend synchronized traffic lights at Hermit St and Barnes St.

Streets Dept will “clear” parking on Quentin St, at the curve before Vicaris. (post “no parking” signs)

Clear parking between 274 & 298 Osborn driveways that open onto Lauriston. Emergency vehicles, snow plow, large trucks have been unable to get through if a car is parked in that spot. (more…)

Free Trees from Tree Philly


Tree Philly planted six trees around the curve of Barnes and Quentin. If you are interested in trees for your yard or along the street in front of your home, visit to learn more about signing up for free.

About Tree Philly

Launched in response to Mayor Nutter’s Greenworks goal to make sure each Philadelphia neighborhood has at least 30% tree canopy coverage, we help locals connect with the resources they need to plant and care for their own urban forests. We’re clean. We’re green. And by helping Philadelphians plant and maintain trees on both public and private property, we hope to make the city landscape better for generations to come. Learn more about our programs below.

Public meeting with Philadelphia City Planning Commission

In an effort to help curtail overdevelopment, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) has developed a comprehensive plan to rezone the Wissahickon neighborhood. Major goals for the proposed zoning map include; encouraging the preservation of older homes on large lots, discouraging subdivision, promoting a walkable, family-friendly neighborhood, and supporting more vibrancy in our commercial storefronts.

Changes like these cannot happen without neighborhood support. Join your neighbors on March 3rd at the Wissahickon Presbyterian Church for a public presentation of the proposed changes. Your participation and comments are encouraged.

PCPC zoning meeting

Highlights from the January 2016 Membership Meeting: Permit Parking

A representative from the PPA came to answer questions about permit parking. Here’s a brief summary of her explanations . . .

Anyone interested in permit parking on their street can pursue it by submitting a petition signed by 60% or more of the residents on the block (this includes owners and tenants, one signature per household).

  • Parking permits are tied to an area (zone), not just a single street. Anyone who lives within the zone can get a parking pass. For example, if you live on a block with permit parking, neighbors who live on surrounding blocks can get permits to park on your street.
  • To prove residency to get a parking pass within a zone, the applicant can provide a driver’s license, utility bill, or lease.
  • The annual fee for residents is $35 for 1 vehicle, $50 for 2 vehicles, $75 for 3 vehicles, and $100 each for 4 or more.
  • Guests can get passes or temporary permits. Information is available at the link below.

More information, including a link to the application/petition can be found at . . .