Highlights from the January 2016 Membership Meeting: Permit Parking

A representative from the PPA came to answer questions about permit parking. Here’s a brief summary of her explanations . . .

Anyone interested in permit parking on their street can pursue it by submitting a petition signed by 60% or more of the residents on the block (this includes owners and tenants, one signature per household).

  • Parking permits are tied to an area (zone), not just a single street. Anyone who lives within the zone can get a parking pass. For example, if you live on a block with permit parking, neighbors who live on surrounding blocks can get permits to park on your street.
  • To prove residency to get a parking pass within a zone, the applicant can provide a driver’s license, utility bill, or lease.
  • The annual fee for residents is $35 for 1 vehicle, $50 for 2 vehicles, $75 for 3 vehicles, and $100 each for 4 or more.
  • Guests can get passes or temporary permits. Information is available at the link below.

More information, including a link to the application/petition can be found at . . . http://www.philapark.org/2014/05/residential-parking-in-philadelphia-a-primer-on-permits/

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