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5261-65 Ridge Ave: Voting Results

21 neighbors attended the Public Zoom Meeting hosted by WICA on Tuesday, August 18th. The application is for a banquet hall for under fifty (50) people. The voting results are below. SUPPORT 14 SUPPORT WITH PROVISOS 5 OPPOSE 2 The proviso stipulates that the owner must obtain an agreement with a local private business or… Read more »

5261-5265 Ridge Avenue: Public Zoom Meeting

The application is for a banquet hall for under fifty (50) people. No live entertainment or dancing (assembly and entertainment) (no activities as defined in 14-603 (13) of Philadelphia Zoning Code) and proposed retail sale of prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages (retail sale of food, beverages, and groceries) (same tenant) on entire 1st floor with… Read more »

Wissahickon Transportation Center Plan

SEPTA invites you to learn more about the upcoming Wissahickon Transportation Center Project at an open house this Wednesday, February 26 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM at Gustine Recreation Center, 4868 Ridge Avenue. On January 30, 2020, SEPTA issued a Community Update for the Wissahickon Transportation Center Project. At the September 2019 meeting of the… Read more »

200 & 214 Kalos Street

Update: At the Zoning Hearing on January 8th, the ZBA granted the application with provisos. The Applicant’s revised plans (October 2019) propose to create six new lots from the two existing lots at 200 and 214 Kalos Street. All existing buildings are to be demolished. The development will include six semi-detached dwelling units (three twins),… Read more »

200-214 Kalos Street Zoning Appeal

The Applicant’s latest plans propose to create eight new lots (down from the original nine) from two existing lots (200 and 214 Kalos St.) and a new single-family attached home (townhome) on each lot. All existing buildings are to be demolished. ZBA Hearing Update Public Meeting Vote Results Date of Meeting: May 14, 2019Location of Meeting: Wissahickon… Read more »

90 Rochelle Ave – Public Meeting & ZBA Hearing

Update: At the ZBA hearing held on January 30th, a temporary 5-year variance (expiring 1/31/2024) was approved with provisos, including commercial trash pick-up three times per week. Additional information can be found on the Zoning Appeals website: Appeal #35968 A canine day care (currently Little White Dog Doggie Daycare located in East Falls) has applied for… Read more »

Ridge Avenue Demolition Moratorium

Councilman Curtis Jones has introduced a bill that would institute a temporary moratorium on the demolition of properties on Ridge Avenue. This is great news for WICA as it gives us time to plan the preservation of our community. Councilman’s Statement | Demolition Moratorium Bill