Category: Parks and Beautification

Free Trees from Tree Philly

Tree Philly planted six trees around the curve of Barnes and Quentin. If you are interested in trees for your yard or along the street in front of your home, visit to learn more about signing up for free. About Tree Philly Launched in response to Mayor Nutter’s Greenworks goal to make sure each Philadelphia… Read more »

Neighborhood Placemaker Grant Application

WICA Members have been working on a grant application for funds from the Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS). Two possible projects were submitted and one was selected as a finalist for the grant. The finalist is for a project to clean up the hillside at the bottom of Ridge between Deke’s BBQ and the Bridge/Bike Race… Read more »

Update: Daisy Field

Members have been working with the Parks and Recreation Department, Wissahickon AA, and Impact Softball to work out a solution to field usage at Daisy Field. Volunteers from these organizations provide their own time and funds to maintain these fields and keep players safe.