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Wissahickon Gateway Public Meeting

Join the Philadelphia Planning Commission for a public meeting regarding the Wissahickon Gateway Multi-Modal Improvement Plan on October 30th at 6:30PM at Gustine Recreation Center.

Meeting with DVRPC – Wissahickon Gateway Project

A meeting was held with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, Matt Wysong and staff on June 29, 2017. Present were: Jeannette Brugger-Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator, OTIS, Amy Miller-City Planner, Sue Dannenberg-Bike Coaliton, Tim Carey-Philly Bike Club, Geoff Brock and Suzanne Hagner, WICA. Ridge Ave from Kelly Dr to Righter St/Hermit St poses safety issues… Read more »

Update on Hermit Lane

The committee has pursued trying to identify who is responsible for upgades to Hermit Lane..Streets Dept or Parks Dept?….and it is the Parks Dept. Speed and drivers cutting through from Henry Ave are a  major safety problem for walkers, cyclists, & families going to Daisy Park. A request has been made for temporary speed cushions… Read more »

Traffic Report…Henry Ave project

New surfacing and new striping is part of City’s Maintenance Unit Project.  This is separate from PennDOT’s Design Unit’s Project…SR4001, the section of Henry Ave from Wissahickon Bridge west to Hermit St borders our neighborhood.   We are now moved to Section SIP of this project which means we will be at the front in… Read more »

PennDoT Public Meeting at East Falls Presbyterian Church

PennDOT engineers presented 5 options for enhancing safety on Henry Ave from Abbottsford Rd to Hermit St..and chose option 5 as their choice. Details of this option were presented by Elwood Kimmel,P.E. 

WICA April General Member Meeting with Councilman Curtis Jones

Introduction and acknowledgements were given to Phila Streets Michael Carroll,Deputy Managing Director for Transportation, Richard Montanez, Chief Traffic Engineer, Bruce Masi and Elwood Kimmel, engineers for the PennDOT Henry Ave study who came out quickly at the committee’s request, “boots on the ground” to see our most dangerous intersections and streets. Also Josh Cohen has… Read more »