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Traffic Report: Henry Ave Project

New surfacing and new striping is part of City’s Maintenance Unit Project.  This is separate from PennDOT’s Design Unit’s Project SR4001, the section of Henry Ave from Wissahickon Bridge west to Hermit St borders our neighborhood. We are now moved to Section SIP of this project which means we will be at the front in installing new safety measures on this section. This will include curb bump outs, median deflections, plantings in median, and new sidewalks. The design MAY also include reconfiguration of current striping. Funding for a synchronized traffic light at Henry Ave and Barnes St is being pursued by PennDOT.

April General Membership Meeting with Councilman Curtis Jones

Introduction and acknowledgements were given to Phila Streets Michael Carroll, Deputy Managing Director for Transportation, Richard Montanez, Chief Traffic Engineer, Bruce Masi and Elwood Kimmel, engineers for the PennDOT Henry Ave study who came out quickly at the committee’s request, “boots on the ground” to see our most dangerous intersections and streets. Also Josh Cohen has been supportive and very available. Councilman Jones is well represented by Josh.  (more…)

2017 WICA Membership Drive

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