2017 WICA Membership Drive

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WICA is the official Registered Community Organization (RCO) representing all activities involving development, zoning and special projects in our neighborhood. It is a volunteer organization working with our city representatives and local community groups to improve quality of life and manage development and zoning changes that effect all of us.

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2016 Was a Big Year for WICA


City Councilman Curtis Jones at ribbon cutting for new train station mural

Train Station Mural
The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program installed a beautiful mural at the Wissahickon train station. This was a direct result of a WICA volunteer group doing the leg work to submit the proposal and work with the Mural Arts Program, SEPTA, the City and the neighbors to get approval and funding.

Removal of Billboards
When driving up Ridge Ave, you will notice that the billboards on the left at right have been taken down. This was a lot of work to convince SEPTA and a private owner to take down the ad space to improve the entrance to our neighborhood. Now we no longer have to see “Cash for Gold” or political ads when driving home.

New Zoning Overlay
The zoning committee has worked with the city planning organization to zone properties in a manner to encourage family units, positive retail space and the discouragement of large multi unit development.

Traffic and Parking
There has been a huge increase in activity and conversations with the city to try to improve traffic and parking issues in the community. Because of the number of cars, narrow roads and limited access points to the neighborhood, we have a number of unique challenges that are under review. There has been stop signs added and there are some plans to improve the Quentin bend at Daisy Field and the Barnes intersection at Henry Ave.


Parks Committee
Every year the neighborhood gets together to clean the parks and get them ready for the kids in the spring. This year WICA has also been actively working with the Friends of Wissahickon to improve our borders with the park. There has been a lot of abuse of the land bordering the park and last fall there was a huge effort to discourage dumping and clean up the effects of past abuse.

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