PennDOT Public Meeting at East Falls Presbyterian Church

PennDOT engineers presented five options for enhancing safety on Henry Ave from Abbottsford Rd to Hermit St and chose option #5 as their choice. Details were presented by Elwood Kimmel, PE. 

Prior to the meeting, Bruce Masi told WICA members present that he had moved our section of Henry Ave, from the Wissahickon Creek Bridge Ave  to Hermit St, to be included in Alternative 2-5, i.e., Roxborough,  as the funding has been secured for the improvements. Some but not all of the safety enhancements include concrete mediums north of the Wissahickon Creek Bridge to help drivers negotiate the horizontal curves and deter drivers from  crossing the center lane and cutting through Hermit Lane, pavement resurfacing, ADA ramps updated, pavement resurfacing, and improved lighting to name a few.
RE: Traffic light at Henry and Barnes. PennDOT has evaluated the feasibility of placing a traffic signal at Henry Ave and Barnes St and is coordinating with the City of Philadelphia to include this into the project. PennDOT is waiting for approval. The Federal Highway Administration will be the ultimate decider of what gets funded. This project is 100% federally funded.
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Robert Kapusta

The option to erect a traffic signal at Henry Avenue and Barnes Street sounds appealing on paper, but in the reality we all are in, this traffic signal compounds the problem. PennDot doesn’t time the signals correctly now, and the citizens accept PennDot at face value. The roadway needs red light traffic cameras at every intersection, because drivers in general don’t know how to handle responsibility when driving. The penalty for high speed driving should be severe to really hurt in the wallet, and the police should have authority to set speed traps in Philadelphia.

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