Wissahickon Transportation Center: July 1 SEPTA Presentation to Art Commission

As of November 2020, there have been updates made to the design of the Wissahickon Transportation Center. See changes ››

On July 1, 2020, Sowinski Sullivan and McCormick Taylor presented the latest Wissahickon Transportation Center designs on behalf of SEPTA. The full PDF presentation can be found here. This submission is considered 30% completion of conceptual design. SEPTA plans to start construction in the middle or end of 2021 with the project taking 18-24 months to complete.

Rendering of Aerial view of proposed design of Wissahickon Transportation Center
Photo courtesy SEPTA

Highlights of the questions and concerns raised at the meeting include:

• Pedestrian and cyclist circulation and safety
• Proposed bike path access and security
• Architectural characteristics and design features reflective of the lower Northwest neighborhoods
• No enclosed waiting area to protect riders in inclement weather
• No designated drop-off/pick-up area for passengers (referred to as “Kiss and Ride”)
• Connection and ADA accessibility of the transportation center to the train station
• Location of the site in the 100-year floodplain and stormwater management
• No public restrooms

The Art Commission decided not to approve the conceptual design as presented. The Commission requested that SEPTA work to improve the design with guidance from an Art Commission subcommittee and consideration of community feedback. SEPTA will present design updates at the September 2 Art Commission meeting.

To watch the full presentation of the July 1 Art Commission meeting, click here. The Wissahickon Transportation Center presentation begins at 00:12. Feedback from Representative DeLissio (01:20), John Hunter representing the Northwest Coalition of Civics (01:08), and Wendy Green-Harvey representing SEPTA (01:42), were all provided. Comments included written feedback (56:00), phone-in inquiries, and comments via Zoom.

Once the community concerns are addressed, WICA supports the update and redesign to the Wissahickon Transportation Center and believes it will be a major improvement and asset to the area.