Start Bidding: WICA Online Yard Sale

A collage of yard sale items including handmade wooden bowls, lamps and light fixtures, house plants, vintage windows, and a 100 steps print.
Some of the many fantastic items available on the WICA Online Yard Sale.

The WICA Online Yard Sale is live! Dozens of items are available for you to bid on. Donated by your neighbors, items include:
• Handcrafted wooden bowls
• Vintage light fixtures and lamps
• Chairs
• Bicycles
• 100 steps prints
• House plants, and more!


The WICA Online Yard Sale is hosted through Bid Beacon. Participants must create an account to place bids on items. The auction ends on Thursday, August 20th.

All proceeds for the yard sale will go directly to the WICA legal action fund.