Wissahickon Trail Updates

The guardrail along the Wissahickon Trail near the 100 steps has been repaired! At our February General Membership meeting, neighbors discussed their growing concern in regards to the missing guardrail that had been damaged due to a major storm.

We agreed as a group to each send an email to Councilman Curtis Jones’s office expressing the need to replace the missing railing. We received an immediate response from Josh Cohen, the Councilman’s chief of staff, who contacted Philadelphia Parks & Recreation about the issue.

The damaged guardrail was removed, and missing elements replaced with new ones. Thank you to all of our neighbors who worked together to resolve this issue! And thank you to Councilman Jones and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation for listening and responding to our concerns.

Wissahickon Valley Park
Bridge Closures

Beginning March 1, 2021, four bridges along the Wissahickon Valley Trail will be closed for renovations. They will remain closed for nine months to one year. Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR) has provided on-street and on-trail detour recommendations (see image below). After nearly 40 years of use, the bridges are “nearing the end of their lifespan.” Read more from PPR ››