Mosquito Mitigation Campaign

In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in mosquitoes breeding in our neighborhood. This year, the Wissahickon Interested Citizens Association (WICA) will provide those interested with one free B.T.I dunk to help get started on reducing the mosquito population in the Wissahickon.

The neighboring East Falls community has seen major success in the reduction of mosquitoes by using these dunks. The more neighbors who use the dunks, the more successful we will be.

How to Use the B.T.I. Dunk

• Place the B.T.I dunk in standing water on your property. Don’t have standing water? Use a five gallon bucket, or similar container.
Ensure that there is no other standing water in your yard.
Add a new dunk to the standing water every 30 days. You will need to purchase additional dunks. Peak mosquito breeding is late April – August, so to ensure fewer mosquitoes all summer long, please remember to replenish your dunks.
• Ask your neighbors to try it too. The more participation, the fewer mosquitoes.
• For every 1-5 square feet of water, use 1/4th of a dunk.

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What is a Mosquito Dunk®?
A Mosquito Dunk® looks like a small, beige donut which floats on standing water. As the Dunk® slowly dissolves, it releases a bacterium which is toxic to all species of mosquito larvae.

How do Mosquito Dunks® work?

While floating, a Mosquito Dunk® slowly releases a long-term biological mosquito larvicide at the water’s surface. When female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water treated with a Mosquito Dunk®, the larvae will hatch and begin to eat the B.T.I. The B.T.I. will kill the mosquito larvae before they can grow up to become biting and disease-spreading adults. The B.T.I. in Mosquito Dunks® will kill the larvae of ALL SPECIES of mosquitoes.

Where should Mosquito Dunks® be used?
Just float a biodegradable Mosquito Dunk® in water troughs, koi ponds, birdbaths, rain barrels or any place where water collects and remains for periods of time. One Mosquito Dunk® will effectively treat 100 square feet of surface water for 30 days or more. For less water, a portion of a Mosquito Dunk® can be used. Suitable treatment sites include swamps, fragmented puddles, trash dumps containing water, or water with a high concentration of organic material.

Are Mosquito Dunks® safe to use around fish, birds, wildlife, pets and children?
Yes. B.T.I., the active ingredient in Mosquito Dunks®, is very target specific for mosquitoes and does not adversely affect other organisms in the water. Mosquito Dunks® are also safe for use around birds, wildlife, children and pets. The EPA has registered Mosquito Dunks® for use in animal watering troughs and fish habitats. More recently the Dunks® have been approved for use Organic Production and Gardening, under the National Organic Program guidelines. Even if your dog eats an entire Mosquito Dunk®, this will not adversely affect the animal. If an animal eats a Mosquito Dunk® or drinks water treated with a Mosquito Dunk®, it essentially gets a large dose of protein and calcium.