Love Your Park Fall Service Day Recap

Thank you to every friend and neighbor who volunteered!

Because of our volunteers, WICA was able to clean up three neighborhood public spaces: LaNoce Park, Wissahickon War Memorial, and David P. Montgomery Field.

Special thanks to the family of David Montgomery, Kathy Killian and Phillies staff, and Tim Bass and Impact Softball for volunteering to rake leaves and pick up trash at David P. Montgomery Field (formerly Daisy Field).

Thank you to the neighbors who joined us at the Wissahickon War Memorial who raked, picked up branches, and cleaned up the perimeter of the space. We are also grateful to Phily Moyer for his dedication to maintaining the memorial.

Neighbors and friends also joined us at LaNoce Park to sweep, rake, and tidy up. This was WICA’s first year organizing three clean ups. We hope to include each space on a regular rotation. Special thanks to Janet Anderson, and our Lead Volunteers Nick Huffnagle and Marianne Koppers for your assistance as well.

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