Proposed Legislation: Expansion of Historic District/Demolition Moratorium

Councilmember Curtis Jones has introduced new legislation for a moratorium on demolition in the area roughly bordered by Henry Avenue, Silverwood Street, Roxborough Avenue, and Fountain Street (within the boundaries of the Central Roxborough Civic Association’s (CRCA)). This is to allow for the expansion of the Ridge Avenue Historic District to include properties that indication on the included map. Specific addresses are still being determined.  The moratorium will end once the properties become historic. This is not unlike the first moratorium/historic district of several years ago.  The legislation seeks to maintain the historic character of the neighborhood.

WICA is encouraged by this proposed ordinance and in 2022 we will explore the possibility of a similar plan within our catchment area.

Proposed Ordinance: Expansion of Historic District/Demolition Moratorium

Map: Victorian Roxborough Historic District Potential Boundaries