90 Rochelle Avenue

The 90 Rochelle Ave application proposes the erection of a multi-family household building with 90 dwelling units and 20 accessory surface parking spaces, and thirty off street accessory bicycle parking spaces. The existing doggie daycare located on the same lot will remain.

A rendering of a proposed 5-story, 90-unit apartment building

Civic Design Review (CDR) Community Meeting

On September 7th WICA, as the coordinating registered community organization (RCO), hosted a public meeting where the developer presented their proposed plans and the community had an opportunity to express concerns about the project and give feedback. More information on the CDR process can be found below.

A recording of the Zoom meeting and the developer’s presentation is forthcoming.

90 Rochelle Meeting Calendar

All of the below meetings are scheduled to take place virtually on Zoom. We will provide the links as they become available.

  • WICA CDR Public Meeting – September 7th at 7pm – This meeting is open to any member of the public. No official vote will be taken but a letter with feedback received at the meeting will be sent from WICA to the CDR Committee for consideration. WICA will make a recording of this meeting available on our website.
  • CDR Committee Meeting – TBD
  • WICA RCO Zoning Meeting – October 5th at 7pm – This meeting is open to any member of the public. A vote will be held during this meeting open only to those that reside within WICA’s boundaries (no membership required). You must log in to the meeting between 7-9pm to cast your vote via our Google Form Poll. WICA will make a recording of this meeting available on our website.
  • ZBA Hearing – November 2nd at 9:30am

What is a Civic Design Review?

Building projects of a certain size and/or location are subject to a civic design review (CDR). In a public forum, a review committee evaluates the project. It is the role of the committee to consider how well the project’s design relates to the public realm—that is, the part of a development that people can see or physically access. Subjects of discussion may include:

  • Sidewalks and streets
  • Open spaces
  • Public access
  • Building height and bulk
  • Landscaping
  • Parking and loading conditions
  • Building materials and transparency

Residents, business owners, and other community stakeholders may comment at the forum. The CDR committee then recommends improvements to the project that positively impact the public realm. Recommendations are advisory, and the development team may choose whether or not to implement them.

Once the review process is complete, the committee will send its recommendations to the Department of Licenses and Inspections. If the project also has zoning refusals, the recommendations are forwarded to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for their consideration.

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