Working Toward a Collaborative Community

The Wissahickon Interested Citizen’s Association (WICA) is the Registered Community Organization (RCO) for the Wissahickon enclave in Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The boundaries of the Civic are from Ridge Avenue to Hermit Street to Henry Avenue to the border of the Wissahickon Valley Park.

Statement of Purpose

WICA’s mission is to:

  • -provide a forum for the expression of concerns
  • -consider and act on all matters properly brought before the Association or its Executive Board, especially in matters concerning land use zoning development and preservation
  • -develop and maintain an informed and productive membership dedicated to serving the community interest
  • -coordinate and further projects for the improvement and development of the Wissahickon Community
  • -promote and support unity, pride, and communication throughout the community
  • -maintain non-partisan and non-sectarian policies in all activities of the Association
  • -provide a free and open democratic Association