Category: City Notices

5261-65 Ridge Ave: Voting Results

21 neighbors attended the Public Zoom Meeting hosted by WICA on Tuesday, August 18th. The application is for a banquet hall for under fifty (50) people. The voting results are… Read more »

5261-5265 Ridge Avenue: Public Zoom Meeting

The application is for a banquet hall for under fifty (50) people. No live entertainment or dancing (assembly and entertainment) (no activities as defined in 14-603 (13) of Philadelphia Zoning… Read more »

Wissahickon Transportation Center Plan

SEPTA invites you to learn more about the upcoming Wissahickon Transportation Center Project at an open house this Wednesday, February 26 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM at Gustine Recreation Center,… Read more »

200 & 214 Kalos Street

Update: At the Zoning Hearing on January 8th, the ZBA granted the application with provisos. The Applicant’s revised plans (October 2019) propose to create six new lots from the two… Read more »

200-214 Kalos Street Zoning Appeal

The Applicant’s latest plans propose to create eight new lots (down from the original nine) from two existing lots (200 and 214 Kalos St.) and a new single-family attached home… Read more »

90 Rochelle Ave – Public Meeting & ZBA Hearing

Update: At the ZBA hearing held on January 30th, a temporary 5-year variance (expiring 1/31/2024) was approved with provisos, including commercial trash pick-up three times per week. Additional information can… Read more »

Ridge Avenue Demolition Moratorium

Councilman Curtis Jones has introduced a bill that would institute a temporary moratorium on the demolition of properties on Ridge Avenue. This is great news for WICA as it gives… Read more »