Zoning Review Process

Developers must apply to Licenses & Inspections (L&I) for a zoning permit that authorizes construction. L&I reviews the construction plans for compliance with Philadelphia zoning regulations. If the plans are not in compliance, L&I issues a refusal. Zoning refusals may be appealed to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) for a variance or special exception.

Before a developer can present his appeal before the ZBA, he is required to present his plans at a Public Meeting at a Registered Community Organization (RCO) such as WICA.

ZBA Hearings are open to the public. Organizations such as WICA may choose to send a letter of support, non-opposition or opposition to the ZBA, and they may testify at the hearing to present their position. Any member of the public is also free to send letters expressing their position and they are also free to testify at the ZBA hearings.

Contact Information

Letters to the ZBA should be addressed as follows:

Frank DiCicco, Chairman
Zoning Board of Adjustment
1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Municipal Services Building, 11th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1687